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Skid Mounted Logging Unit


The Skid is an offshore skid-mounted logging unit for the conveyance of wireline tools in and out of the well. It is transportable, rugged, and self-contained.

The Skid consists of a drum for spooling the wire, a hydraulic system to power the drum, a power source or prime mover to drive the hydraulics, and an enclosed operator’s cab which houses the controls and the computer system for recording. 

Features and Benefits

BenchMark Wireline’s skid-mounted logging units are built to our customer’s specifications. The functions normally found on a land-based logging truck are replicated in this offshore skid unit. These units are self-contained except for electric power which is supplied by the rig and can be stored, transported, and operated as a single self-contained unit.

The skids are very ruggedly built and are DNV 2-7.1 certified. Due to the harshness of the marine operating environment, all exposed surfaces use stainless steel hardware or have multiple coats of high-quality paint over hot zinc spray.

The diesel prime mover provides power to the hydraulic controls. Because the winch is hydraulically controlled, it can be operated at a slow constant speed when necessary. The diesel power pack is also housed within the self-contained skid unit.

The operator cab provides winch controls, measurement equipment and ample space for rack-mounted logging computers. It is climate controlled and provides safety features such as a steel mesh protective barrier between the cab and the winch.

The skid can be lifted as a single unit or broken into 2 pieces, the unit and the drum, to accommodate lifting limitations on smaller rigs. 


- Certified Rig Safe
- DNC Classifications
- ATEX Zone II
- CE Marking
- Class 1 Division 2
- Class 1 Division 1


- Extensive corrosion protection extends the operating life of the skid
- Rugged construction increases ROI, uptime, product life, and employee safety
- Totally self-contained for more efficient operation and better utilization of near-hole rig space 


- Electric and Diesel powerpacks available.
- Hydraulically powered winch provides steady continuous control even at very low speeds of 2 ft/min at 9,000 lbs tension 


• Skid width 2.426 m or 7.959 ft

• Skid length 5.525 m or 18.126 ft 

• Skid height 2.932 m or 9.619 ft including A/C cover

• Skid gross weight 21.5 metric tonnes or 23.7 tons

• Skid is DNV 2-7.1 lift certified

• Fork truck pockets in frame

• Outer skin sheet or stainless steel

• Cab contains air conditioning, filtration and de-humidifier

• Winch operator position facing drum and logging panel operator facing computer rack

• Distribution panel includes voltage stabilizer and transformer plus 3 racks for computers/monitors

• Cab has 2 side opening doors .75 m or 2.46 ft, one on each side of the cab

• Roof mounted A/C units inside protective frame and covered by steel safety mesh

• Steel safety mesh between cab and winch protecting operator position

• A/C maintains internal temperature at +20°c with outside ambient of -20°c to +45°c

• Floor and kick boards anti-static covering

• Fits most standard size drums

• Max drum torque available 28,500 lbs ft.

• Fine speed control 2ft/min (9000 lbs tension)

• Roof mounted A/C units inside protective frame and covered by steel safety mesh

• Steel safety mesh between cab and winch protecting operator position

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